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I was wondering if I should change my license from the old Sync Pro (yearly renewal for some 30$) to sync Home Pro or Family.

I am currently using Sync in between various computers and mobile devices for me and my wife.  Sync Family sounds good for me so my wife and I could use different accounts (we are currently using differnet folders in one account). Would there be any disadvantages when changing from Pro to Family?

In general I don't have a problem with a yearly or monthly fee, the product is definitely worth it, but Sync Business is too expensive for personal use.




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1) You definitely don't need Business. And once you still use a yearly subscription, but apparently use is per personal purposes, please contact support (refer to Helen) and tell them your license ID (or order ID). They'll convert your license to non-subscription type. You won't be charged yearly. 

2) You also don't need to update to Home Pro. Once you have your license converted to non-subscription, you can upgrade to Family pack: 
Use the link below, where instead of ##### you need to put the OrderID. You can learn Order ID from Purchase confirmation mail, or if the mail is lost, or ask support (provided you tell them license ID or at least the e-mail)

Once updated,  download the new license key and share it with your wife. You both can use the same license key for your separate identities (accounts as you call them) .

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