[Solved] rslsync locks user permissions on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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I was using resilio for a very long time, since first versions of btsync.

now I have 2 PCs with win7 and ubuntu 16lts.

I have noticed that all files sent from win7 PC have a lock icon on them, so I've used sudo chmod -R to change permissions for all the synced files.

but every time I add smth to the sync folder using windows or edit an existing file, rslsync ubuntu user is writing it with locked permissions.

there is also a similar thread here in the forum:

so I guess I am not alone with this problem.

did I set up something wrong?


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thank you for the reply, Helen

I'm new to linux and english is not my native language, so it was not clear to me that I can enable sync via 

sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync


systemctl --user enable resilio-sync

and now I've disabled rslsync user at enabled the current user.

 its all fine now, thank you.

please close the topic.

have a nice day :)

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