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Hi folks,

I'm thinking about using Sync for family photos. One thing that is holding me back is that I want to provide multiple people with semi-trusted write access. I want to be able to recover from changes they made. I have two specific concerns:
1) accidental deletions - how can I undo these?
2) ransomware encrypting their versions of the folders. What prevents such an occurrence from automatically propagating to everyone else's machines?



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2) Sync is just a syncing tool, so if a file gets infected, Sync has no way to know that it's actually infected. For Sync it just looks like the file is updated. 
To avoid that, you can share RO key/link with others. In this case others will be able to download files from you, but won't be able to upload any new or updated (deleted, infected, etc) back to you. 

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