How do I use slective sync?

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Hi I just tried to use selective sync and I cannot figure out how to get the files to download I am using windows 7 with the resilio sync application.

I have started a download/sync and when I click on the sync item in the resilio sync application it opens the folder location containing RSLS files how do I tell the software to download the files I want.  I don't see any check boxes and when right click a files no option to download.

I have found if I double click an item it will start to download but this cant be the correct method?

Thanks for the reply.

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Take a look at this article

To fetch the actual files, simply double-click on a single file or use the contextual menu option 'Sync to this device'. Multi select is supported. 
Note that the single file click will open the file automatically if it takes less than a minute to download it.  
Fully synced files are marked with a green checkmark.


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15 hours ago, Helen said:

If you don't see "Sync to this device" option in context menu, you might want to try these tips:

Thanks will try this next time I have the need to use selective sync I think this will help as I did not have the context menu.

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