iOS file exchange with other Apps broken

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iOS has that special feature to send a file to another app (push file) oder to open a file from another app (pull file). These mechanisms are fundamental to work with files under iOS and thus they are fundamental to Resilio Sync.

Unfortunately these mechanisms do not work.

I tested this with PowerPoint and PDF Expert.

  • PowerPoint: Can not open files from Resilio (error message). Can not save to Resilio (creates file with 0 bytes).
  • PDF Expert: Can not open files from Resilio Sync (nothing happens at all).

Especially with PDF Expert I never had any problems at all, so I am pretty sure the problem is reated to Resilio Sync. It can open files from any other file provider under iOS. PowerPoint works in both directions with DS Cloud and Devonthink but not Resilio.

Will that be fixed in a future release? That function is very essential to use Sync under iOS at all.



EDIT: I did some further testing with the following result: "Pulling" a file with an App from Resilio Sync never works. This is sad, as this is the way changes can usually be saved directly. "Pushing" a file from Resilio Sync works in most cases, but that leads to a new copy with resulting version mess.

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Checked in the lab (PowerPoint in particular) and none of the issues is reproduces - the file is copied either way correctly. Well, that was not a big file. Is yours big? 
What is this device, iOS and Sync version? 

Can you please send the screen record illustrating the problem to support? 

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Hello Helen,

thanks a lot for your reply! Based on your info I experimented some more and found out, that there are two way it works and two ways it does not work. So I guess I have to clarify what happens. The four ways I tested are:

  1. In Sync APP -> "(i)" -> Copy to PPT -> works
  2. In PPT App -> Send Copy -> With other App -> Copy To Sync -> works
  3. In PPT App -> open -> …More -> Locations -> Sync -> select file -> Error „This did not work and this file could not be opened“
  4. In PPT App -> Save copy -> …More -> Locations -> Sync -> select folder -> Save here -> Nothing is saved (0 Bytes file)

(all translated from German PPT App)

I prefer to use number 3, because usually that creates a connection between PPT and the file provider making the saving of changes possible. But obviously way number 2 is also a good option and works fine.

I am not sure if those results correlate to your experiences, but it would be interesting to read.

My tests were run on an iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB (Generation 1), iOS 10.3.2, Sync 2.4.9 (293). I am not sure if screenshots would help, as they show only standard PPT/Sync screens. Maybe the explanation above clarifies things enough already.

Again, thanks for your support. Your info made me find a way I could work :)



EDIT1: File size does not matter.

EDIT2: Tests run also on iPhone 6 with same software versions. 3. and 4. work perfectly. This is crazy...

EDIT3: I ran those tests with 18 GB of files in Sync. I am totally amazed by the speed of synchronization. Incredible!

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Thanks for your reply which is very helpful to me: It seems that the problem is somehow related to the installaion on my iPad Pro. On my iPhone 6 also 1-4 work perfectly with the same files and the same software versions (see EDIT2 above).

I'll try to reinstall and similar stuff. If that does not help, I'll stick to 1. and 2.

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