"Site can't be reached" for Webgui shows up, after Config change and reinstall [Pi]

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I wanted to get Sync working on my Raspberry Pi, and used this guide to help me:


I was able to get the web Gui to work so I could access the sync with Windows, but it wouldn't grant me access to any of the folders I wanted to sync.


Using a different guide on this forum, I edited my config file to be this:

  "listening_port" : 0,
  "storage_path" : "/home/pi/data/.syncsystem",
  "pid_file" : "/home/pi/data/.syncsystem/",
  "use_upnp" : true,
  "download_limit" : 0,
  "upload_limit" : 0,
  "delete_folder_from_disk" : true,
  "folder_defaults.delete_to_trash" : true,
  "webui" :
"directory_root" : [ "/home/pi/share", "shares" ]
    "listen" : "",
  "vendor" : "PiDrive",
  "display_new_version": false


After a reload, the web gui was gone, and this showed up instead:



This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



I reinstalled the btsync service, deleted it (and installed again), rebooted several times, and tried to play around with the config, and I could never get back to the web gui that I had originally.  It seems not even the Raspberry Pi itself can reach it, and I wonder if it's even on.


I'm still fairly new to the Pi, if anybody have any suggestions to solve this, let me know.

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1. did you install v 2.0.128??  that's pretty old. better use the latest either just via launching the binary from our site , or package 

2. does Sync process run at all? Check with "ps aux | grep sync" command. I suspect is does not. Armhf vs arm arch for RPi has been discussed quite alot here on forum, perhaps you need arm arch. 

3. not sure which exactly guide you've been using when compiling your config, but it seems too outdated with some deprecated parameters. The latest config guides are here 

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