Folder from home server marked as "Connecting" while other directories from server are syncing fine

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I have a FreeNAS server that houses a bunch of directories I'm trying to sync. I had setup 3 shares and 2 of them are working fine while one has been in a Connecting state for 30 minutes.

I'll let everyone know that I had just reset this current computer and have a TON of other downloads going on concurrently (OneDrive, Steam, Origin ...etc). Also, the folder that's having a problem is a few terabytes compared to 50-350 gigabytes for the other 2.

Should I just be patient and wait for everything else to finish and let btsync do its thing?


Origin server is FreeNAS 11 running the plugin and the client computer is Windows 10 (up to date)

I can provide logs if needed. 

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Yes, please send the logs to support, that will help to see the picture. Send the logs from both peers, as at this point it's not clear which of them is causing it.  A few screenshots would also be much appreciated. Thanks. 

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