no connection to older version of BittorrentSync

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I use Version 1.4.111 of BittorrentSync on my Synology Diskstation 213+ because no newer version is available for the Quorig-Processor of my Diskstation.

On my Linux and Windows I use a actual version of Resilio Sync (2.5.2 and 2.5.4). Since some time, no connection is possible between this Sync-installations. Only my Android with version 2.5.5 of Resilio Sync is able to sync with my Diskstation.

In the sync.log of my Linux I see for example

Got ping (broadcast: 0) from peer

many times. is my Diskstation.

Has anyone a idea, what the reason is? Are the new versions of Resilio Sync changed to ignore the old version? Or is it a configuration issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Latest version of Resilio Sync have changed and we cannot guarantee backward compatibility with v1.4x which was still a beta. 

On 6/21/2017 at 4:29 PM, matkoh said:

no connection is possible between this Sync-installations.

between which ones exactly: Linux and Windows, Linux/Windows and NAS? 

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I found this post:

It is the same for me. Each Version above 2.4.5 cannot connect to the version 1.4 on my Diskstation - besides the version 2.5.5 on Android. Windows and Linux with 2.5 can connect, if relayserver is activated.

I go back to version 2.4.5. on Linux and Windows. This works good with the old version on Diskstation.

When you have a new 2.5 version, which can connect to older versions without relayserver, I'm glad to test it. But I have no use for versions, which only can connect to new Resilio-versions.


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