Deleting file on Android is not deleting in on MAC

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I'm trying to set up sync with mp3 music folder on MAC desktop with a Android phone.

When I add files to the folder on mac they appear on android, but when I delete a file from that folder on android its not deleting it on mac..

How can I set it up so it deletes and add files with no problems?

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Not sure how exactly you have your shares configured now, it is two-ways sync or bakcup, or one-way sync, but to achieve that you need: 
in phone's sync  click on "+" -> create folder select the folder with music, add it to sync. Pick to share it and send Read-write key to PC. On PC paste it to "Manual connection" and select the wanted directory. 

When deleting the file from phone, delete it using file manager. Cause if share on phone and Selective Sync enabled and you delete the file from Sync UI, it's just  locally converted to a placeholder, but file remains on PC. 

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