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I am very pleased with resilio-sync.  there are some not-so-intuitive aspects in adding peers and troubleshooting that could be made clearer with better messages, but overall it is awesome.

I use it on 2 Macos computers and 4 linux computers, with different folders shared.  I am usually the only regular user on these computers and I have sudo access on them.  all my resilio-ed directories are under my main user directories, something like /home/me/... or /Users/me/... .   my uid is typically 501 under macos and 1001 under linux, because these are the defaults for the first created user.  not always.

what I want can best be described as "easy uid and permissions" setup.  that is, the resilio-ed folders mimick the 'me' ownership and permission files for sure.  files that belong to someone else (like 'root') should be synced, too, to the greatest degree possible, although ideally they would inherit setuid.  the sync-ed results should retain the same time stamps, ownership (root or me; but not the numerical id), and the protection settings.  I am ok with the resilio daemon being su (and in fact prefer this, because there may be files that are owned by root that I have dropped into my sync-ing folders, and which I would prefer to be synced, too); but the rslsync daemon should chown, chmod, and touch the sync-ed files appropriately to keep them, well, in sync.

right now, I have been using the "global resilio" configuration, which means that rslsync is often the owner of synced files.  most of the time, this works; and when it does not, I just chown and chmod the directory tree a few times until it works.  messy, not pretty.

for use cases such as mine---which I presume are fairly common---what is the best-practice recommended setup?  advice appreciated.




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on Macs Sync runs as the current user. on lInux - depends on how you've installed that. If that's a packages, you can launch it with your current user and thus files will be owned by it. Files' permissions are set in accordance with umask. 

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