Syncing folders across two Macs - Hellllllp!

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I've installed Resilio Sync with the intention of syncing my Mac's Desktop & Documents folder between two Macs.     I don't want separate sub-folders within a 'Resilio Sync' folder, I want a regular file hierarchy of [myusername]/Documents and [myusername]/Dekstop both kept up to date across the two Macs using Resilio Sync.

I've setup a share of [myusername]/Documents on Mac 1 and emailed it to myself.  Received it on Mac 2 and gone to setup a sync.  But Resilio Sync is telling me I can't point the received sync at [myusername]/Documents on the second Mac as I 'Already have a sync in operation'.  Aha - maybe it doesn't like the fact that a Documents folder already exists in my home directory.  But I can't delete Documents from my home folder as the Mac complains that it's required by macOS.  

So to sum-up:  When I try to point my Mac 1 share of [myusername]/Documents to the [myusername]/Documents of Mac 2, Resilio Sync tells me I'm already syncing it.  If it's relevant my usernames are identical on both Macs.

Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve what I'm trying?



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When you add a folder Resilio provides the name of the your syncing with. When that folder already exist it suffix a (1) ,(2) and so on. you van manually select a folder you want to sync with. When you select a existing folder Resilio gives a warning like¨ this folder is not empty do you like to continue?¨ you just click yes and are good to go. I Sync my Downloads folder between 2 macs and also Desktop. It works no problem.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I tried this again today, only this time mahually copying & pasting the read/write key from Resilio Sync on Mac One > emailing it to Mac Two and copying & pasting the key to setup the sync on Mac Two.   Rather than emailing a link from inside Resilio Sync from Mac One and clicking on it at Mac Two.

For whatever reason, doing apparently the same thing a different way works perfectly and my Desktop & Documents folders are now setup in perfect sync.


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