Resilio at 100% CPU on Mac and hanging

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The issue presents itself like this on my Macbook Pro:

- wake from sleep, CPU usage is high

- click on the Resilio Sync menu bar item - Resilio Sync won't open, cursor turns to the spinning pinwheel when the cursor is directly hovering over the Resilio Sync icon

- Activity Monitor shows Resilio Sync as "not responding"

- Other peers don't see this computer as an online peer

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Same issue here! 2 different Macs (Mac Mini and MacBook Air) both running 10.12.6 + Sync 2.5.7, fully up to date.

Seems to happen most often when waking the MacBook from sleep but also happens to the Mini sometimes which is on all the time & almost never shut down or rebooted. Any closer to finding the source of this issue? I can send my debug logs the next time this happens.

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I tweeted Resilio about this the other day and just before I contacted support I thought I was check the forum and here I am. Same issue here, 2.5.7. It happens to me every time I open my MacBook Pro in a coffee shop, i.e. somewhere I might not have instantly available Wi-Fi or problematic Wi-Fi. The battery drain caused by this, in this particular situation is quite annoying! Does anyone have a bug number or some kind of reference I can use to contact support without having to explain the problem? Thanks.

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Sorry for the OT question, but I'm experiencing same problem here and I just noticed, reading this thread, that you all are writing about 2.5.2+ versions. I have here 2.5.12 on two mac clients and if I check for updates it says that I'm up-to-date, on both machines. 

Do you think I have one problem more?

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