Resilio Sync detecting uninstalled version and fails to install

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So here is the deal. My sync setup on one of the computers was messy from the start. Today I tried to fix things up with no luck. Here is what I did:

1) I uninstalled Resilio Sync (2.5.2) using Control Panel (I'm on Windows 10 x64) via admin account.

2) I tried to install fresh from user account I use daily, but the setup gave me "...2.5.2 detected, will shutdown to continue...". Setup apparently tried that, but failed, and setup gave up.

3) I deleted %appdata%\Resiolio Sync folders from admin and user accounts;

4) I fully scanned registry and deleted anything related to resilio or btsync;

5) Tried to install Resilio Sync again via user account - got the same notification that 2.5.2 is present.

Can you advice me what else "to clean" so the setup wont find anything and would freshly install?

Sync was never installed as a service (double checked services list to make sure).

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Ok, sorted this out.

It seems there was a legacy record of Bittorrent Sync in the programs list which is available through Control Panel > Programs and Features.

I guess it was a leftover since the time Bittorent Sync was upgraded to Resilio Sync.

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