Not working on 414

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I have downloaded and installed the armadaxp package on my 414.  

The app installs successfully.. However when I click the app to open, it just goes to a blank browser page with my DDNS followed by :8888. It does not ask me to create a login etc.  Just sits on a blank browser page with my address in the browser address field.  

I have looked around here on the forums for some tips on how to get this going and am not seeing a solution. 

I have the most recent DSM DSM 6.1.3-15152....

Any suggestions for this?  Really excited to try this service.  



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This was actually a mistype on my part.  It is :28888 not .88888.  As far as I know I have the most current version of the armadaxp.  

Are there any other steps I can try to trouble shoot. 

It seems to work fine on my desktop client, but won't get past this initial screen on my Synology. 

Do I need to specifically open up any ports on the router?  


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Or, reply in thread, so people with the same problem can troubleshoot them too! 


I have the same issue. It's something to do with the config file, I gather from other searches. But there's gotta be a better way to fix this than to break out VI.



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Please contact support with any details about your case and Sync version. The latest iteration between support and leoeavenson was: 

>I have the most recent version
Which exactly version do you have? The most recent for today is 2.5.6. (for today it's 2.5.12)

> blank browser page with my DDNS followed by :8888
Check the following:
Check that dns name resolves into the address which is available from the network location you're currently in. Try using the IP address of the NAS instead. The listening port of webui shall also be open. 
Do you see gray bar at the top of the page?
Check that Sync process is actually running - ssh to your NAS and check with command "ps aux | grep sync"
How many shares you have in Sync and how many files are there?
how much RAM does you NAS have and how much of that Sync consumes.

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