Main/Master Computer Required?

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Howdy- I'm thinking of giving this product a shot. Looks good, but I have an important question:

- I have about 30 low cost laptops at my home (I do research out of hobby).

- I've programmed each laptop to do a task in excel and then export a simple TXT file in a certain location (a tiny txt file I could save in the Sync folder)

- These machines are a mix of Win7 and 10 and all on the same/dedicated  WiFi network

- It would be easier for me if Resilio sync just shared them to all the machines. Saves me a little manual work.

Question: Does Resilio Sync require that a certain dedicated computer always act as the master computer or will sync work no matter which computers are on the network and/or not on the network?

Hope this makes sense. If this works, I will probably go pro because a) Its very cheap, b) its the right thing to pay for services one uses and c) selective sync feature


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