How does the sync work over non-WiFi

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On 7/21/2017 at 0:09 PM, trellout said:

How does my phone discover changes on my PC  without any central server? Is there an URL with my device key? How does this work?

When using standard folders, RLSync derives a folder identifier from the secret key (this is completely safe due to how cryptographically-secure hash functions work). Your peers announce the availability of the folder using Resilio's trackers and/or DHT (IIRC DHT support has been removed some time ago). Your peers find each other through the tracker and communicate directly end-to-end (if possible). If there is some NAT + firewall between the devices such that an end-to-end connection is not possible, RLSync will use Resilio's relay servers. Both devices will connect to the relay server and communicate through the relay (which only sees encrypted data).

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On 7/24/2017 at 9:01 PM, Boatguy said:

Resilio is the proxy server that finds your peers.

There is no proxy. Only a tracker that is used by peers to announce what folders they have. From that point on, communication is end-to-end. A relay server is used if end-to-end communication is not possible.

It used to be the case that RLSync could also operate without Resilio's trackers by using the DHT, but the use_dht option was removed at some point.

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