Worker threads count not working on Windows

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I set working_threads_count to 1 and Resilio is still using all cores. I am on Windows 10, any idea? Any other way to limit Resilio CPU usage? Also anyway to disable reindexing on starup or at least delay it 10 minutes?


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Sorry, the documentation is quite misleading. It's not the number of cores, but the number of additional threads for some specific jobs (e.g. indexing) apart from those assigned by the operating system to do regular jobs (networking, GUI, disk io, etc). We'll update the documentation. 

There is no way to put of rescan on startup. Sync starts - folders are rescanned right away. You can disable it at all  - put zero value for  folder_rescan_interval. However, it's highly not advisable, as Sync will only have system notifications about file updates, which is not reliable. 

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