Resilio Sync Home not uploading at max speed?

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Hi, I'm using Resilio Sync Home 2.5.6(1043) and it's not uploading at the max speed?

I do not have any bandwidth limitations set in Settings.

I have a Google Fiber Gigabit connection to the internet. test:  994mbps up/down load

However, my upload seems to be capped at 1.6-1.7mBytes/s or 13.6mbps

Google Fiber has no data caps and they don't throttle torrents.

Any ideas?

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I cannot tell for sure why these problems happened in your particular case. but here are the most widespread reasons for these two problems:

If tips from there do not help, please contact support with debug logs, so that they investigate your case individually.

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Do you test with any high speed interfaces other than 1GB ethernet?  Even with 1GB ethernet directly connected between peers, what would you expect for throughput?

On older 2.x versions, IIRC, I was typically getting transfers in the 400-800Mbps range.  When I change to 10GBe, I would peak around 1.1-1.2Gbps.  Ever since being on 2.4.x+, I don't think I've ever seen higher 400Mbps.  I see a lot of really small speeds, like 10Kbps on my phones while on the wifi network my local PC's are on.  The other day, on two hosts with 1G and 10GB connection between them, I also only saw 10Mbps even after restarting both sides multiple times.

This was already using predefined hosts, disabled relay, disable low priority, disable lan encryption, etc.  For these two hosts, the shares are on RAID10 with read speeds of 250MB+/s. 

I think I will need to make a test setup and get you some support logs, because a number of the issues I've encountered are still present more than 6 months later and sounds like you need more help identifying these issues.  If the logs could filter out certain shares and be limited to certain problematic shares, I would have done that ages ago.


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I've just tested a 2x 10Gbe setup and I'm not getting speeds above 215MegaByte/sec... (it actually peaked at 258MB/s). Seems a bit low if you ask me.
I found out that if you don't use "advanced folders"... They seem to sync at - a little -  higher data transfer.

Setup is 2x Synology RS1824+ connected via 10GbE. If I drag and drop files either via computer to server or server to server, the speeds go up to 650-700Mb/s out of the box, no tweaking.

On 8/19/2017 at 2:58 AM, Timbo said:

This was already using predefined hosts, disabled relay, disable low priority, disable lan encryption, etc.

Same applies here also.... Any news on this?

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