Strange problem, Files replaced with empy files


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I'm having this problem, I see some files pdf, jpg etc say error to load on the app by default to open, I have copy on Local Machine and on the remote machine.

And the files say the same problem cant open by default applicacion, then I open the files with Notepad++ to see the content to see different on remote and local or if is sync on progress.

And I see a very bad surprice, files are empy, my files are a dummys, filled with nothing, on both sides local and remote.

But I see the folder /.sync/archive and the files showed on the archive are OK.

Then where is the problem?

Resilio goes crazy and replace my files with dummy files.


I'm going in a lot of problems, because I dont know when start the problem, I see more and have mixed folders with good files and bad files, but If I see on the Archive files are OK.




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