Question about removing files locally, but not from original harddrive

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I have a super small harddrive on my macbook, and awhile ago I set up syncing between a big folder on my desktop pc and the macbook before I learned about Selective Sync. 

Now selective sync is active, but I have a ton of files taking up space on my macbook now and I keep getting that annoying warning about disk space getting full. 

If I delete the files off of my macbook will the files be deleted off of the other harddrive to? 

What's the best way to free up space on my laptop without losing any of the files? 

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Take a look at this article


Reverting to placeholders

If the files in a folder are fully synced - whether it be the result of turning placeholders into actual files or synchronizing the folder in the Synced mode from the very beginning - you can revert full files into placeholders. 

If you wish to revert the whole folder, the easiest way to do so would be to turn ON 'Selective Sync' in the Folder Preferences (see above). However, if you need to convert specific files, just delete them using the appropriate contextual menu option or dragging-and-dropping them to the trash can. Once you perform this action, the actual files will be deleted and immediately replaced with placeholders (which can be turned into actual files again).



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12 hours ago, ellw said:

Yes, the placeholder and Dropbox's smart sync is exact the function we need! But the dropbox corp isn't releasing this function to plus user, otherwise I would purchase it immediately.

Sorry for what I said, I am the user in China, you may have not heard of the GFW, just referring it as a F*CK wall between your computer and other computer outside your LAN.

And another thing I am not satisfied about Syno is about its files synchronization mechanism, I posted some articles about asking why sometime my normal files are disappeared from their default location and moved to the archive folder, but Helen's answer didn't explain clearly enough. FYI, the files in Archive folders would be deleted after 30 days... I even wrote a short program to monitor the Archive folder's content to see what files are added today....

So, really a waste of time choosing a good tool to use. Now I am using the old time tools, FreeFileSync... and portable Hard disk....and now, everything just working fine...

Two years user of syno, and just left. Sigh....


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