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Hi All

Need some help with logic read/write multi pc setup 

I have a Windows 10 server (my backup destination )

I have 2 Windows laptops used for work

1 Mac I use as a backup

I need all these to synch the documents folder and downloads folder to each machine and a copy held on the server as a master backup , how would I configure this and what would be read/write - is it as simple as read/write shares, get a link and go to next machine, read write etc - sorry sounding like a total noob

I'm slightly worried of overwriting /deleting my data especially 500GB of work docs

thanks in advance  

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Add the folder to Sync on one of the machined, take the RW key or link and send to others. Paste it to "Manual connection" field there and connect. 
Take RO key or link from first PC and send it to your backup server. Paste it to "Manual connection" field there and connect. 
Some reading:

If you delete the files from one machine, it'll be moved to .sync Archive there. If you delete the file from the backup server, the file will be redownloaded. 

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