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Ever since going to the 2.4.x+ series, I've had nothing but issues with non-stop syncing.  I started off with a 25GB music folder being synced between a QNAP NAS, Windows 10 and Windows Home Server. I would copy the music to an SD card and put it in my phone.  I did that again with another phone.  So I'd have 25GB of music that was exactly the same in 4 places, with the exception of maybe a dozen mp3's that would be on a device only.

When I added both these phones to the Sync that was between Win10 and Windows Home Server, the Sync on Android kept crashing over and over and needing to be closed and reopened (my phone has 3GB of RAM. Based on this and your memory footprint, you're developers are not really optimizing for embedded devices.. but anyways). I also had to disable the default "selective sync" in order for the syncing process to say it was finished, otherwise it said like 5GB out of 24.9GB for over a week.

There was non-stop syncing for days and days.  The progress was on 98-99% and say "a few seconds" the entire time.  The queue of files to be transferred only ever increased.  There would be 10-20KBps of traffic non-stop when phone was on same local network as my Windows 10 and Windows HomeServer.

Because I can click on the Peers Online link and see how many files were in the queue, I could see that they were all "Folder.jpg" and "AlbumArtSmall.jpg".  I guess the phones were pulling down album art and having problems syncing those to the other devices.  The queues would never get less unless I did a mass deletion of all the Folder and AlbumArtSmall files.  Then that settled all the non-stop syncs and it stopped.

Today, I happen to look at the Sync Home tab and again I see "99% - a few seconds" and the Activity list still shows the exact same two files as waiting to be synced.


THIS IS OVER SEVERAL HOURS AND a 6.13KB and 24.23KB file are not synced over a 10GB ethernet link ???  That is just bad.

I restart sync, and now it's "0% - a few seconds".  The Peer List now shows my HomeServer twice, once with a check mark and another saying the same 2 files are being sent to HomeServer.

So, my feature request is that on the "Active Devices" page when viewing activity, if you hover over the files, it gives you the full path.  That way, I can go and delete these two files instead of having to delete some thousands and thousands of same name files.

So please add to your test cases syncing music between Android phone(s) and Window(s) machine.  You have lots of bugs to be fixed.

You also need to retest your upgrade from 2.3.8 to 2.5.6.  I thought it was strange that "HOMESERVER" was listed twice on the Windows 10 PC.  I restarted btsync on Win10, no change. I login to HomeServer to close and reopen bysync, and I see two icons in the taskbar. Normally, I hover over one and it disappears because it was crashed from before and just not refreshed. In this case, I hover over each icon and see both a 2.3.8 AND a 2.5.6.  The in place upgrade from 2.3.8 to 2.5.6 clearly didn't happen correctly!

I close the 2.3.8 instance, and Windows 10 shows the HomeServer that was synced is now offline. The one that it still shows 2 files to be uploaded is for the 2.5.6 version.  Sync on HomeServer shows no transfers happening and in sync with one peer (should have been two, the QNAP and Win10), 

I just tried uninstalling 2.3.8 from Control Panel Programs and Features. But it looks like it didn't work. I got a pop up with option to "remove settings" and I left it unchecked and clicked OK.  After that, nothing appears to have happened and I still see 2.3.8 listed in the Programs and Features as an installed program. After 5 minutes, I try and tell it to uninstall again, and it says I have to wait for the current one to finish uninstalling.  So something went wrong with your uninstall process and its just sitting there doing nothing other than eating up about 15% CPU. 

This product went very unstable after version 2.3.8.  If I knew how to roll back mobile, I would have rolled back everything to 2.3.8.  I don't know if you lost some key developers or if you're skipping QA after adding tons of features, but this instability is very noticeable and worries me that I experience worse and worse bugs than I ever did with 2.11 (?) versions.

I'm now also concerned for the health of my SSD's, due to this non-stop syncing behaviour. I just upgraded the Win10 and WHS to 2.5.7 from 2.5.6, and the 2 files stuck in the queue are now done and both sides think they are in sync.  So this may have been fixed in 2.5.7, though I see no specific release note that applies this bug.

Please consider hiring back a QA team.  Or else get things stable before adding in a bunch of features and causing more bugs. It went from the occasional bug/annoyance that fixed itself with a restart to frequent SERIOUSLY ANNOYING bugs not fixed by restarting the app. Thanks

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I just noticed the Clock icon after upgrading QNAP to 2.5.7. I looked at this tab on the Win10 machine and now I can see the path for folder.jpg and AlbumArtSmall.jpg because the entries for these go back further than 12 hours, and when I look on HomeServer, it goes back past August 12th!!!

However you're updating the file, its not correct or else it wouldn't be syncing the same file over and over and over and over...

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