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i use the encrypted folders for my archive on a vm (cloudhoster) and will create a litte app (c#) to decrypt a file or folder manually. The secrets keys are available for me and the app is only a fallback solution, if i need the files very quick and will not depend on a sync installation (download from cloud to client over sync). 

The plan is, that i can decrypt the files/folder on the vm to get a very quick access. 

I read this blogpost

"When an Encrypted peer talks with a clear-text (RO and RW) peer, they establish an encrypted AES-128 channel using a Session Key, but the clear-text peer additionally encrypts data with an AES-128 Storage Key before transmission."

Question: What Is this Storage Key and how can i get it? I have access to alle secrets/keys for the folder.

Thanks for Hints/Help.


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@RomanZ Any Timeline on close future? Because I have a FreeNAS-Server with ZFS and the resilio plugin. The Server can jump in time via ZFS-Snapshorts. So if I have to recover a year old file - I can jump. But Resilio breaks :-(((. If it is not enc that is no problem. I disable resilio - jump - take the files and jump back. But if encrypted I can jump - but than I only get gibberish. 

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I would also like to know when this tool would be available, or knowledge how to do it ourselves. Knowing how to use the part of the key to do basic decryption would be nice and it would allow some user automation by developers for some specific cases.

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