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Hi I wonder if this is a possible setup.

Main backup on a Synology NAS DiskStation DS116 With 8tb of data (CPU Dual-core 1.8GHz Memory 1GB DDR3 Ultra Performance Up to 112 MB/s reading and 112 MB/s writing performance)

Three IPhones will be backed up to this NAS as well as casual dumps of a couple of gb of images.

The NAS will be backed up to a 8tb external drive conected to a mac pro at work.

is resilio gonna be able to handle this setup?




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On 25.8.2017 at 1:20 PM, Lars_L said:

is resilio gonna be able to handle this setup?

Yes, but not with your NAS. (you need more RAM)

You don't specify exactlt what Resilio Sync will do in your setup. If it's only there to backup your iPhone, then it's fine. If it acts as a backup for the 8TB Data, then you need more RAM.

Except for the iPhones, I also wouldn't use Resilio Sync as a backup solution, because you don't have a version history, and it's a two way sync. Better use some imaging tool for complete computer backups.

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Lars, Frank made some great points. From experience here's one thing to consider.

If you accidentally delete a file and want to get it back, if everything has replicated everywhere, you might be out of luck. Or if you got infected with one of those crypto locker attacks and encrypts all of your files on everything it can reach. For those reasons, I have my computers sync with each other using Resilio, then I also make a backup every week and disconnect it.

Resilio does have some form of version history. If you delete something on one device, my understanding is that file will be stored on the other devices for 30 days or some period of time, and then deleted. That's helped me once when I saved over a document accidentally and really needed what was there 10 minutes prior.


Hope these suggestions are helping. Sean


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