BitTorrent Sync on Synology NAS doesn't save modified settings

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Hi everybody,

I have two NAS (DS 214, DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 3) with BitTorrent Sync (Version 2.3.7-1) to synchronize data between distant locations. Now I noticed syncing files (I guess only new ones, but can't ensure) from one NAS to the other one fails since about one month ago, in the log I see lot's of messages like this:

[20170826 05:26:49.206] MC[1CCF] [18FC]: processing get_nodes message for /NAS_II/<Path>/<Filename>
[20170826 05:26:49.207] MC[1CCF] [18FC]: too many nodes to send 190671, stopping at /NAS_II/<Path>/<Filename>

A tipp I found in the internet told increasing max_torrent_metadata_size could probably solve the problem - I tried to do this and suprisingly found the change is undone when I restart BitTorrent Sync (no matter if I use the start-stop script or with reboot).

I tested a lot, nearly every modification I make in the WebGui is undone after restarting (allthough it persists when I close/open WebGui without re-starting):

  • all normal and power user preferences
  • additional added rows in the WebGui-overview (i.e. Progress, Last synced)
  • after I removed one connection to a shared folder on the other NAS it was really removed from the list, it wasn's visible anymore after restart, but trying to re-add the same folder again fails with a message 'the selected folder is already added to sync', even after I manually deleted the '.sync' folder, so it seems the removing wasn't done completely.

This behavior is the same on both NAS!

I attached a ZIP file containing:

  • sync.log which was recorded while I started btsync, waited some minutes, started WebGui, waited, changed some preferences, waited, rebooted NAS, waited, stopped btsync.
  • settings.dat and settings.dat.old as they were after stopping btsync.

About the sync.log file: The shared folder in question is /volume1/FC/


Any help is apreciated.

Have a nice day,

best regards,



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Same problem here for quite some releases now.... 

settings sotred in settings.dat but also in sync.conf. 

│-rw------- 1 rslsync rslsync 3415 Aug 30 00:46 settings.dat
│-rw------- 1 rslsync users 698 Aug 30 00:46 sync.conf

is that supposed to be like this or not?

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@Helen Like I've just received confirmation from the support, it's a design choice. You should have told us right away that every settings which are stored in sync.conf are not changeable. Even if the choice is available through the web UI, you can't change storage location, listening port or things like that. You have to go through CLI of the peripherals, and it's the same kind of procedure for docker, and change it in the config file yourself.

So no, settings are not supposed to be changed only by the hard way, it's a decision by design. And I like that you pin it this message in every linux section so => nas section but also docker section. 

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sorry, somehow I missed the question about changing the settings. I only saw question max_torrent_metadata_size  and it can be changed in WebUI , and change is saved in latest version all right. 

To clarify - support said that indeed folder_storage is to be changed in config, and option "change" for it will be removed from WebUI. Listening Port can be changed in Web UI on NASed. For docker - listening port can indeed in be changed in default sync.conf or docker file before building image, or in the config after. 

We'll see to improve this UX. 

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Well yeah but more importantly you should pin a message in the forum section about it and not stating a setting by setting basis. Because It's the whole group of settings which would be stored in sync.conf on every device that runs linux who cannot be changed. 

So 2 choices here, first one you pin a message about it in every section of the forum

second you put a wiki page about it. 

Users as I said to the support, are assuming that if there are a possibility to change something through the webUI then they should be able to change them. So we are not discussing it about specific button here or other stuff, it's a whole bunch of settings that has to be removed from the UI and put it on a static page without having the possibility to change them. 

So please pin a message about it or do a wiki page about it. People don't has to ask support about this ever again or bother to make new post on the forums. (especially if you try to grow your users base.

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