Resilio stuck on file that no longer exists

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I deleted a conflict file and resilio keeps trying to sync it for some reason resulting in the name log multiple times. It's also stopped syncing altogether.  I'm unable to close out of resilio without ending the process.

This is the line that repeats throughout the whole log.

[2017-09-06 09:58:53.884] JOURNAL[898F]: Check fs duplicates, fp: \\?\D:\NanzVault\PDFs\Procedures\ANSI:BHMA Standards\ANSI+BHMA Finishes.Conflict1542181.pdf (1 0), suffix: \\?\D:\NanzVault\PDFs\Procedures\ANSI:BHMA Standards\ANSI+BHMA Finishes.Conflict1542181.pdf.rsls (1 0)

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It's better not delete the conflict file. Once it's conflicted, it's tied to another file on remote peer on the other filesystem, and deleting the conflicted copy may have unpredictable results and even delete the 'healthy' file. 

Please see the help center guide to safely remove the conflicts. From that line I assume the cause is in ANSI:BHMA Standards foldername. I don't think a Windows will let you put colon into its name, so it's likely a folder synlinked/mounted from a Linux -  what is NanzVault? 

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I have the same error,

[2018-10-19 07:48:16.585] FC[343A]: Check fs duplicates, fp: \\?\E:\Path\Of\File.txt (1 0), suffix: \\?\E:\Path\Of\File.txt (1 0)

I have already renamed the file on both machines, still flooded by the same error 
Resilio Sync is stuck and after quitting the process still lingers around in the task manager.

EDIT: OK I managed to "unstuck" it by the following steps:
1. disconnect the folder
2. quit resilio & kill process from task manager
3. start resilio and ensure that everything else synced again
4. delete .sync folder from the disconnected folder
5. rename the problematic file to different names on both machines ( I also renamed the parent folder, just to be sure=
6. reconnect the folder

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