History table sort arrows show opposite direction

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Hi I have a strange problem with the History table on v2.5.8 macOS, the sort arrows are showing the opposite direction. E.g. when sorting by Time, most recent at the top, the arrow points up instead of down. I noticed this when I went to check to see if a folder had been synced recently and was shocked to see there had been no activity at all today, luckily I clicked the table header anyway and discovered the problem.

Afterwards I actually noticed that on the Folders view you can right click the headers and add a Date synced column, so I'll probably be using that now for my use case rather than visit the History, so this isn't a big problem but thought I'd mention it.

Does anyone know if there is a setting to correct this? I didn't a quick search of the forums for sort order and didn't see any one else talking about this. 


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