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Resilio Sync forgets settings Linux

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I was facing this issue since few months. Frequently, All my resilio settings were lost and I used some really undesirable workarounds till now.  Today I found a perfect solution which works everytime.


The Setup:

System: Centos 6.6 x86_64

cd /home/user/bin
tar -xf ../resilio-sync_x64.tar.gz


Running above commands, I could access the webUI and did all the settings (setting up username and password etc.).  After 2 days I logged in to the same machine and


The service started. I accessed the webUI and for my surprise, I was asked the username, password and re-enter password which was asked 2 days ago, It looked like all the settings were lost. Same issue while using crontab.


I noticed a .sync directory inside /home/user/bin/ Copied the directory inside the home directory

cp -r /home/user/bin/.sync /home/user/bin


Killed resilio sync and restarted it.


Everything works fine now.

Is it a bug? 

A NO from me.


When you run the rslsync for the first time,  The .sync directory which stores all the information about sync is created in the Current Working Directory. While running rslsync, You need to be in the directory  which was your pwd while you first ran rslsync 

Let's say, You are running resilio for the very first time.

rslsync binary is stored in /home/user/bin/

And you did

cd /home/Downloads

resilio will start and .sync directory will be created in your pwd ie. /home/user/Downloads

Next time, If you are in your home directory and you do


Resilio will start but settings will be lost.


cd /home/user/Downloads

will work


This is troublesome if you only have 1 resilio setup. So make sure you run rslsync in your home directory initially. On the other side, If you want to have multiple resilio setups on the same machine and that too with the same user, This "so called bug" is awesome. You can have multiple different shares with different credentials and different setups. Though only 1 will be running at a time. 


Hope this helped. Thanks

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