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I am getting a message at the bottom of the web page - All it says is (warning triangle) Invalid Time. What does this mean and how do I fix it. Please see the screenshot59d2b7c6e2e2d_Screenshotfrom2017-10-0311-01-39.thumb.png.11bfe5d3ac36cf7c53d84c7b0cb71a17.png59d2b7c6e2e2d_Screenshotfrom2017-10-0311-01-39.thumb.png.11bfe5d3ac36cf7c53d84c7b0cb71a17.png

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I have the same problem since today (after installing Apple's latest software security update - as of 2018-02-21).

I re-verified ALL my connected peers and they have all the same time (since they all access the same ntp).

Resilio Sync still says 'Invalid time'. Unfortunately there's nothing in  the logs (or wherever) which indicates which of the peers it thinks there is a problem...

Any hint?



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same time, date and timezone? 
Search for "more that 600 allowed, aborting" or something like this, in the logs (provided debug logging is on) and you will see time difference.

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