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Currently using Resilio Sync on a DSL network (5 Mbps down). With Resilio Sync running, my internet speed drops to less than about 300 kbps. I have set Resilio Sync Global Limits  to 128 KB/s for both up and down - but there is no change on internet speed. With Resilio Sync on Pause, home bandwidth goes right back to 5 Mbps, but as soon as I resume syncing, bandwidth drops to about 300 kbps

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I have 2 home computers running windows 10 hardwired to my network

also 1 laptop running windows 10 that I travel with

and 1 computer at my office running XP and hardwired

Home computers (and laptop when at home) are on same LAN

Recently added XP computer at office so there is a lot of files waiting to sync

even though my download bandwidth drops way down when activating resilio sync, there are no active downloads showing, only uploads.

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1) Ran into a similar issue over the weekend when uploading a video to Facebook  - my download speed dropped to almost nothing - so this issue may not be related to Resilio Sync - currently looking into possible issues with router (QOS, etc.)

2) Issue happens when I use Resilio Sync on any of the three windows 10 computers on my home network

3) Noticed that after rebooting, download and upload limits set in Resilio sync uncheck - makes me think they may not be working

4) Using XP machine because it is free - just wanted something to run Resilio Sync (BitSync) at office to backup my files



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