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I'm working on a film restoration project with tens of thousands of large image files. Since I don't have enough space on my local network to house them all I am simply syncing files in batches of ~1000 as needed. Unfortunately, the process of selectively syncing thousands of files at a time is understandably demanding on my PC, and uses up resources that could be better spent elsewhere. As a result I just installed sync pro onto a Linux server to offload the syncing task from my PC, keeping the files in sync on a shared local drive.

Unfortunately I have come to learn that there is no clear method of selectively syncing large numbers of files (again, ~1000) at once. Manually clicking "sync" for each file will take hours. As a result, I'm proposing a feature request for some form of batch selection mode for selective sync. I know my case is probably an extreme one, but I'd imagine it could come in handy across the board, and hopefully wouldn't be too hard to implement, but could be a huge time saver for those of us using Resilio for large projects.

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