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I am trialling resilio for our content sync for media server used in live events. Really happy with it but coming up agains an issue.

In the sync folder it is also creating a .sync folder that i assume contains information relevant to sync. Is there a way to disable this or change the directory in which it is created. (image attached)

The problem is that the media server is seeing this folder and throwing up errors that it cant recognise it format and that its not compatible.

In my experience .xxxx files get created on Mac OSX and are hidden on OSX but you can see them on Windows machines. So i assume its Sync on my mac that is creating the folder?



Sync folder.PNG

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Sorry, there's no way to disable or move it - Sync creates this inside each sync share to recognize that it's actually a folder that needs to be synced.

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Interesting question...

Did you tried to disable move of deleted files into .sync/Archive? This way, the .sync/Archive folder should remain always empty.

Another way should be write a small batch file that delete the content of .sync/Archive and that you run daily using a scheduler or so...

However, generally Plex pr other media servers don't read files without extension, without header and so small as these contained in .sync

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