Cannot Connect Backup Folder to Device


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Good Morning -

I've used Resilio sync for a while now - well before it was BTSync.  I own a Pro license and mostly use the service to actively sync folders between my PC and mobile devices for backup and file sharing purposes.  One thing I haven't ever been able to get configured correctly was where a folder shared from my phone would only Read and not Write to my PC.  Even when setting a shared folder as "Read", it still syncs files in both locations.  This morning, I thought I'd try the "Backup" feature so after selecting the folder on my phone, clicked the "My Devices" option for my PC.  Afterwards, it was indefinitely stuck in a "Connecting" state.  I know I have connectivity to the system as folders actively sync.  Below are other solutions I tried to get it to work

  • Disconnected Backup on phone and created a new one this time sharing the link (via Join) which opened on my PC in Chrome.  It showed that it was trying to connect the correct folder and stated "Just a moment while we start your request..." however nothing ever happened
  • Tried restarting the Resilio Sync Service on my PC
  • Ensured I was at the latest version on PC: 2.5.9 Build 1088 (Installed to run as a system service)
  • Ensured "All" was selected when viewing connected folders on PC + tried searching for the folder in Resilio
  • Despite sync working, thought perhaps it connects over a different port so disconnected from WiFi and enabled Mobile sync.  Verified sync still worked, but still wouldn't connect
  • Restarted phone & PC then tried all over again

After all of the above, I still cannot connect the two.  Any suggestions you could provide as to how to set up a folder which only reads from my phone / writes to my PC would be great.  The phone is an HTC One A9 /w Android 7 and PC is Windows 10 x64. 


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@bzowk A camera backup folder by design is read-only. Since backup folders are for storage purposes only and do not require advanced functionality. Please make sure that Sync version on Android device 2.5.9( 7471). As for the syncing files in both locations do you mean that photos duplicates or new added files on PC side were detected by Android?

 As for the connectivity issue the reasons can be different and most common are described here.

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