Camera Backup Folder in Config File


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I cant get sync to work with "Camera Backup" folders.

I want to sync an "Camera Backup" from an Android device to an Raspberrypi running raspbian using an config file.

Syncing the "Camera Backup" to an desktop pc with windows and without config-file works perfectly fine, also other "normal" folders on the raspberrypi are beeing synced perfectly even with the said Android device.


Here is my config, with changed values for posting:


  "device_name": "HOSTNAME",
  "use_upnp" : true,
  "download_limit" : 8000,
  "upload_limit" : 500,

  "shared_folders" :

      "secret" : "SECRET", // required field - use --generate-secret in command line to c$
      "dir" : "FOLDERPATH", // * required field
      "use_relay_server" : true, //  use relay server when direct connection fails
      "use_tracker" : true,
      "search_lan" : true,
      "use_sync_trash" : true, // enable SyncArchive to store files deleted on remote devices
      "overwrite_changes" : true // restore modified files to original version, ONLY for Read-Only folders



what am i missing?

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