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Hello, I sync two synologys NAS using BitSync and now Resilio. I updated on the last version 2.5.9 (1088). 

I had some sync problems so I delete and install again from scratch. 


On the 1st NAS I create the "sync folder" and wait that the indexing process finish (3.8 To)- 30 hours about. 

When it's done I create on the second ANS a Read Only folder. Data where already on the 2nd nas so it was only a new indexing process without data transferred.


At the end, on the two NAS I had the message "Finishing Syncing with XXX" . But very quickly on the second ANS, the Indexing start again (with out any change) and loop on one or two files. I try to delete the two files and put it again (with the sync) but the loop continue on two other files (no data transferred, only indexing work)

On the first NAS, I have the message Sync done and nothing happened more (normal situation!). 

I check the .sync folder and I don't see anything special. I restarted both NAS but nothing has changed.


I would like to avoid deleting the datas on the second nas to restore a complete synchro because it would take much too much time. (slow internet connection 500 kB / s)


Thanks for your help



nas 1.PNG

nas 2 2.PNG

nas 2 3.PNG

nas 2.PNG

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to sum up:
1) some two files or more don't sync to the RO NAS
2) RO NAS shows "indexing" all the time.

- in share prefs on RO NAS enable "Overwrite any changed file" if it's not already enabled. 
- the constant indexing you see might be periodic rescan. It starts every 10 minutes. Will take long  with that many files you have. 

what are the symptoms of that loop? 

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