[OS X] Slow Transfer Speeds Over Internet


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Hello All,


I am having very slow speeds over the internet between two laptops (Macbooks using OS X). Previously, Resilio Sync was pretty fast (for me) 3 MB/s speeds but now the speeds are hovering around 320 KB/s - 400 KB/s and I cant seem to figure out how to get back to the same speeds as before. Both networks have a 115 Mbps download and a 10-13 Mbps upload on both WiFi and wired, and I have tried to troubleshoot everything I could before coming here:

- Putting both laptops in DMZ

- Port forwarding the port in Resilio Sync's settings on both routers.

- Disabling "Use a relay server when required" in Resilio Sync's settings

- Enabling UPnP on both routers (on by default)

- Connecting both machines directly to their respective modems via ethernet cable bypassing the routers


Nothing seems to work, I am honestly out of ideas but perhaps somebody here has a resolution. Both machines are on the latest version of Resilio Sync 2.5.9


Any help would be appreciated!! :S


Edit: All the sudden its back up to full speed again after being slow for like a month... Miracle? 

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