What do I upgrade from 2.3.6?

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In the spirit of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I've been running on my W8.1 tablet/computer on BT Sync 2.3.6 - 32 bit with no problems.

I have two desktops running XP (yes, I know) both with BT Sync running 1.4.111, the last working version for XP.

For some reason, my tablet running 2.3.2. corrupted, requiring a 'refresh' of the w8.1 OS and as part of the process,  BT Sync was deleted.

I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade from 2.3.6, since it's critical that I have reverse compatibility with 1.4.111, and XP.

I also hate feature bloat, and 2.3.6 kept it simple enough for me that it did what I wanted it to in the background with 100% reliability.

Is there a point anyone would recommend that I do not upgrade past if I were to jump to a more recent version?

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