Why does a one way sync create conflict files on windows?

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If I have a folder "master" that I share on windows server 1, then I enter the "read only secret" on windows server 2 and tick the "Restore modified files to original version" option of the share, why would .conflict files appear in this configuration? Surely what the master server says is what goes, and any attempts to change or introduce new files on server 2 will just see sync overwrite them with versions from the master?

note: i'm trying to migrate a mail service by moving all its config files from one machine to the other, the service seems to have created some of the files again (let's say "mailboxes.db") with no data. If stop the mail service on the destination server, and I remove both the mailboxes.conflict.db (made bt btsync from server 1, last update yesterday) and the mailboxes.db (seems to be created 6 days ago when i started syncing, as a fresh empty db by the mail server software), then after a moment mailboxes.conflict.db reappears, but there isn't any mailboxes.db existing for it to conflict with! If I rename mailboxes.conflict.db to mailboxes.db then after a few moments another mailboxes.conflict.db appears. it's like the local sync has come to believe "these files are in conflict, i'll just create a .conflict version". When is the "this file is in a state of conflict" reassessed?

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