Windows environment variable for Sync folder location

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New user here, finally migrating away from other solutions.

I like to store alot of portable apps and files in my sync folders. I also like to create shortcuts that point to them; usually in a folder located in the root of the sync folder.

The sync folder location varies, depending on the machine I have installed, so shortcuts don't usually work very well. To get round it I manually create an environment variable that allows the s/cuts work, eg %resilio%\programs\name.exe rather than a hardcode path.

Would it be possible to sync client to create this variable? I don't think it would be programmatically difficult and I think it would be very useful.


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1 hour ago, Andy+ said:

Perhaps an experienced user can also install this manually in the settings.

I wrote powershell script to interrogate the location of the the dropbox and then set a variable.  Trouble is it required additional software installing and configuration to get it to work. I never got to try it with multiple user profiles.

It would seem a lot more efficient to have the client just set a user variable 

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2 hours ago, Alex. said:

@BogBeast "%APPDATA%\Roaming\Resilio Sync"

I hope this will help you.

Thanks for the reply Alex.

However, I was looking for Resilio to set an environment variable with a path to the sync folder.

Unless I am mis-understanding your reply

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@Alex.  I think the correct location is "%APPDATA%\Resilio Sync"    %APPDATA% includes the "Roaming" directory in my instances.

What I am looking for is not a path to the APPDATA location, but an environmental variable I can reference to find configuration files after the sync occurs. 


UseCase: As a user I want to run a script that can quickly find a folder that is being synced.
(1)Sync to computer of interest
(2)Execute a generic script that can quickly find a Synced file for processing.

--- How it works with Microsoft Once Drive---
(1)Loginto OneDrive
(2)Script references %OneDrive%\..\SyncFolder\mySyncedBinary.exe"   OR

Note: could also use %USERPROFILE%\<OneDrive Directory>\ 

--- How it works with Resilio Sync ----
(1) Sync Folder
(2a) Script must be updated to point to the exact location of mySyncedBinary.exe as the synced folder maybe in a different location and this Script is unique to the computer it is being run and and thus can not be commonly synced across Sync'ed folders.

HomePC Location:  d:\someLocationA\SyncFolderA\mySyncedBinary.exe
Laptop Location:  c:\someLocationB\SyncFolderB\mySyncedBinary.exe
ServerPC:         f:\someLocationC\SyncFolderA\mySyncedBinary.exe
(2b) Need to create an environmental variable for "each" shared folder used.
HomePC: set SyncFolderA='d:\someLocationA\SyncFolderA\'
Laptop: set SyncFolderB='d:\someLocationB\SyncFolderB\'
ServerPC: set SyncFolderA='f:\someLocationC\SyncFolderA\'
ServerPC: set SyncFolderB='g:\someLocationD\SyncFolderB\'
It would be EXTREMELY helpful if an environmental variable for each Sync'ed folder was automatically created with a consistent name.

Note:  This would be helpful if it also did this for linux environments.

@BogBeast, Is this similar to what you were requesting as well?

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