file duplicates with weird extensions

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hi everybody,
not sure this is a resilio issue but since the problem involves duplicates, this is is the most likely i can think of... is it?
i'm syncing a folder between windows 10 (ntfs) and mac os 10.13.2 (apfs) and i found some very weired file duplicates which share a name but add a dot at the start plus a six-digit random extension at the end. looks like this (below the originals, above the duplicates):

 892707  24 -rwxr-xr-x@  1 myusername  staff    8704 Oct  4 22:49 .schlussel_02.xls.2DNKl1
 934562  24 -rw-r--r--@  1 myusername  staff    8704 Oct  4 22:49 schlussel_02.xls

892704  8 -rwxr-xr-x@  1 myusername  staff    960 Jan 13  2017 .telecolumbus_alias.9b260v
934531  8 -rw-r--r--   1 myusername  staff    960 Jan 13  2017 telecolumbus_alias

at first i thought i became the victim of some ransomware attack but these duplicates are not encrypted but (apart from name and permissions) exact duplicates. if i remove the additional parts of the name they open just fine. also i ran virus tools on the mac as well as the pc and nothing turned up.

can these files be connected to something resilio does?
or if not, does anyone happen to have any other lead what is happening here?
thanks a lot for any help!!

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hi helen,
thanks for answering!
at first, i was thinking the same but the second file is an alias so, once created, i would not know, what is "opening" that...
also, is this pattern with a dot in front and a random extension a common way to label temp files? i came across temp files eg. named ~filename.tmp but the only thing i found in connection to the pattern i'm seeing was ransomware...
is resilio creating temp files using this pattern?


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no. Sync is not creating anything in sync shares, it's no capable of that. all that Sync creates is located in .sync in share's root , there indeed you will see temp files with .!sync extensions - these files are being synced at the moment. nothing more, nothing with ~ at the beginning of the filename, or some random extension  at the end. 
Look at History in Sync - may be there'll be events on these files creation. 

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