Default Folder Location is not saved when linking a new device

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I installed Sync v2.5.10 on two Windows 10 x64 computers.

Fresh installs with no existing Sync folders configured.

On the second computer, immediately after installing and then running Sync for the first time, I linked it to my identity by entering the link that I generated on the first computer. As part of this process of linking the second computer to my identity, it asked me for the default synchronization mode (which I specified as 'Disconnected') and the default folder location (which I specified as 'T:\Resilio Sync', which is a new folder I'd created on my T-drive just before installing Sync).

However, afterwards I saw that Sync on this second computer was thinking that the default location (C:\Username\Sync, I believe) was the Default Folder Location. Weird, as I'd already specified 'T:\Resilio Sync' during the process of linking this second computer to my identity. So I went into Preferences and changed the default folder location to 'T:\Resilio Sync'. But then when I went to My Devices and had a look at the settings for 'this device', it still had the 'C:\Username\Sync' path specified. WTF! So then I changed it there to 'T:\Resilio Sync' and that seems to have worked now.

Why was it necessary for me to specify 3 times that I want my default folder location to be 'T:\Resilio Sync' ? What a strange and annoying bug.

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Then when I quit Resilio Sync and relaunched it, it popped up the dialog asking me about connecting to the identity again. This time the choices I'd previously made were pre-populated (i.e. 'Disconnected' and 'T:\Resilio Sync') so all I had to do was hit 'Continue'. It's a mystery why this dialog popped up again.

And so, in the end, I had to provide the same information 4 times on this second computer.

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i raised this with support and it just ended there.

"Or is there a configuration file that i can update to make these changes?

unfortunately no."


@support team - please get this fixed!  The issue occurred on my nas where it wrote to my root directory and filled up the space with logs and sync-ed data.
My issue is happening on a NAS (ReadyNAS - some type of linux os)

Do you have plans to get this fixed? Do you have plans to make this configurable somewhere else rather than the UI as it is now happening on a Windows PC

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