MAC Address is not actually the one associated with the IP address shown

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When you go into My Devices and have a look at the information for one of your other devices, you see the IP address and MAC address. However, that MAC address is not necessarily (and probably not) associated with the same interface that the IP address is for.

For example, I see this for one of my remote computers:

IP address:
MAC address: 00:50:56:c0:00:08

From looking at that one would think that the network interface that has the IP address on the remote machine has the MAC address 00:50:56:c0:00:08. But you'd be wrong. Because that MAC address is actually the MAC address of one of the VMware virtual adapters on that remote machine. It's not an active network interface and, even when it is, it's not even connected to the subnet. So Resilio Sync is just randomly showing the MAC address of any other network interface on that machine. Which is not only unhelpful but in the context of showing the 2 pieces of information next to each other is actually misleading.

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