WAN Accelerator Benchmark in Real World?

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I have 2 Win 2012 R2 Server end points (24GB memory each) connected via 100Mb VPN tunnel. From my testing, I haven't noticed any differences with and without WAN Acceleration enabled. Are others seeing similar or different? WAN Acceleration feedback would be appreciated.

My Setup

2 x Windows 2012 R2 Resilio w/24GB memory (using only about 1.1GB)

Resilio 2.5.10 as a service

Resilio LAN encryption OFF

869k+ Files

1.58TB+ Sync Amount

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@BensTech WAN acceleration only runs in WAN. As you got VPN tunnel (and likely use local IP addresses) Sync believes it is in LAN and does not enable WAN acceleration, even though allowed to.

Also note, that VPN tunnel is likely going to kill WAN optimization too: it wraps all the packets inside it's own containers reducing MTU and using own protocol of communications between VPN client and gateway therefore killing all the optimizations.

If you want to get all the benefits of WAN optimization, let Sync traffic flow outside of VPN tunnel. 

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MTU is a factor going through a firewall with and without VPN. Sure there is SOME overhead with vpn, but allow WAN acceleration in the LAN or WAN setting. Makes no sense to restrict it.

And there was a Resilio article that talked about improving sync performance by disabling encryption. So, it seems we have a conflict here.

Right now I'm doubtful until I see #"s that WAN acceleration works with low latency high speed connections. That's what I have.


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@BensTech Our tests indicate that VPN seriously affects WAN acceleration. Not just some of the overhead, but pretty much killing the optimization. Exact numbers depend a lot on VPN vendor: each VPN solution behaves differently.

For now WAN optimization only enables itself in WAN automatically. Never in LAN. This is how the switch implemented at the moment. In enterprise version of Sync (Resilio Connect) it is possible to explicitly force product to follow WAN optimization no matter if it's global network or local one.

For the encryption - disabling encryption only works in LAN. Encryption can't be disabled in WAN.

So, to sum up:
1) to test the WAN optimization - use global network, i.e. either source or destination must have global address.
2) VPN kills optimization, so ensure that Sync traffic goes outside of VPN.

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