tracking peers from cli (linux)

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I had to update my linux ubuntu host OS.   on the new VM, I did an "apt purge", removed ~/.sync*, and made sure that my /etc/resilio-sync/config.json still has the correct key.  after starting a new install on resilio sync, I expected to be up and running.  alas, instead, I now have a dead duck on my hand.   "systemctl status resilio-sync" tells me that the process is running, but my host is not joining the swarm.  (maybe ubuntu hosts are arrogant?)

so I need to track whether my resilio-sync peer is talking to the swarm.  first, I need a basic interrogation utility on ubuntu:

# resilio-sync-isthereaswarmfor 'BC..longhexdigits...2J9'

which should tell me "peers NameA (online) and NameB (offline)."  and then, if there are some, I would want to run something like

# resilio-sync-isthereaswarmfor /etc/resilio-sync/config.json

which should tell me the same, but for each shared_folder.  and then, if ubuntu can see an external swarm, but nothing seems to be coming down, I would want to see if I can pull it from the network:

# resilio-sync-pulldownsamplefile samplefile.txt


but, given the tools I have, how would I inquire about this intelligently?



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thank you, helen.  can I beseech rsl to create a unix cli program that makes tracking down errors less mysterious?  it's probably easy, requiring just a few perl lines, with access to the log and the ability to try out internet ports.  you know what to look for in the log.  for many of us, this is more difficult.  something simple, like this:

# rsl-check
config file: OK.
rsl swarm names communication: OK
rsl ports:
   MAYBE FAIL.  port UDP 3838 is not open to world.  is it open to your peers?
   port 3000: open.  OK.
   port 3001: UDP open.  OK.  TCP not open.  please check.
rsl swarm contacts:
    /var/swarm1 : 3 peers seen

alternatively, is there a step-by-step checklist to follow?  I see many situation-specific hints (thanks!), but a checklist for a new install would be great.

as for me, no peers are connected.  now I have to learn why.  I am going to check the firewall ports next.




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