Unable to locate package resilio-sync


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I want to try Resilio, because it seems to be the only solution which supports Linux, IOS, and Androiod as well. Unfortunatly my first try on Linux fails.

I'd like to install Resilio on a Ubuntu Xenial computer according to this guide: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206178924

Here is the output of my sources file for resilio:

deb http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/deb resilio-sync non-f

The Resilio key is in my list:
pub   2048R/3F171DE2 2017-12-22
uid                  Resilio, Inc. <support@getsync.com>

apt update is not complaining:
Hit:4 http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/deb resilio-sync InRelease

But the command sudo apt-get install resilio-sync does not work as described:
E: Unable to locate package resilio-sync

What's wrong?

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