problem with system information volume

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I'm not sure that this is a bug because of resilio sync but because of the doubt I would like to share this information /

 this happened on a new PC installation from 3 days  ago. look at the screenshots.

So maybe it happened during the sync I guess it's related. It could also be related to the one commander app available in the windows store in corrolation to the sync of resilio sync.

Or it could be something else but nothing else was really working at the time.

Since it's the last 1709 windows 10 pro I'm not able to access it without tweaking it and I won't obviously have any logs because it's windows, of the creations of all those files so I will need to format It. I will try to take ownership and copy it to somewhere else on the PC to analyze it further later.

There is no solution to that problem besides fromat it, no windows tools are detecting those files.






2018-01-22 (2).png

2018-01-22 (3).png

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