Simple Questions about Predefined Hosts & VPN's

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Hi, Everyone,

I hope someone can help someone who's kinda' new to this.  I know it may sound stupid but I'm a little clueless with networking stuff.  I would be very grateful for any assistance.  I have two basic questions.  One is about predefined hosts and the other is about the use of VPN's with Resilio Sync.


Question #1: Is using predefined hosts the safest and fastest method of syncing between two remote computers?

It appears that using predefined hosts is the safest method of syncing files between two remote places (let's say my home and my old computer at my parent's home).  Is that correct?

Also, is using predefined hosts the FASTEST method of syncing my files?  It appears not to be the case.  Whenever I use the tracker or relay option, syncing seems to be a lot faster.  I checked all my firewall and port settings.  They seem to be all correctly set up.  Are predefined hosts the fastest method?  And what common mistakes do people make when they set things up that prevent it from being the fastest connection?

Question #2: If I set up a VPN network to connect the computer at my home and the computer at my parent's house so everything acts like they are on the same network, is Resilio Sync necessary?

At my parent's house, I had set up a NAS on their network.  If I kept all my personal folders and files on the NAS, couldn't I simply access all my files via the VPN network whether I'm at my home or my parent's house?


Thanks in advance for any guidance people can give me.  I've been toying around with Resilio Sync for a while and I'm not getting the hang out of it.

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On 2018-01-30 at 4:49 PM, FlatEarthisNotImpossible said:

Thanks.  I had posted these questions for a few days and I got no response so I created individualized support tickets.  Do you want me to post the answers here so others can learn?


On 2018-01-31 at 7:41 AM, Helen said:

if there's anything you want to share with others, you can post it here, it's totally up to you. 

Yes please do!, the poste is quite high on google seartch.

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