[Solved]Two instances of sync are running

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Windows Server 2012 R2.

Sync 2.5.12

I was running Resilio Sync using the standard installation. I then decided to run Sync as a service, so I ran the installer again and checked the "Install as service" and everything seems OK. When I started the web GUI for the service there were no folders, and I needed to add all the folder peers to the web GUI. All seemed to go well.

However now, when I start my server I get 2 instances of Sync running, the Standard installation and the service and both are referencing the same folder structure on the Hard Drive). I looked at the storage folder and it has 2 folders (one is Resilio Sync) and the other is Resilio Sync Service), and both have database  and config files.

I want now only the Service to run, so how do I best remove the instance of the standard installation, without any danger of any files get deleted or removed or similar.

- If I do a uninstall then the standard and service installation will be removed (I assume).

- Do I just delete the Resilio Sync folder for the Storage folder.

At the moment I have turned off Auto start with the Standard installation so only the service is running, to avoid any conflict.


Please advise what to do to remove the standard installation.

Cheers and many thanks

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@Gane, Thanks for your reply.

I honesty can not remember seeing that window with the option to migrate settings. I must have clicked through it accidentally.

OK.. So it sounds like that I can uninstall the standard installation independently from the service.

Thanks again for the support.

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