Resilio Sync Corrupting Final Cut Pro Libraries


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Hi Helen. Thanks for your response. Respectfully, can I suggest that "Pause" is not the right word to use if it doesn't stop indexing? To me "Pause" means "to temporarily cease", which should including indexing. A global pause should stop everything.

If I use the IgnoreList, then it will ignore those files permanently, which then breaks the premise of why I use Resilio Sync in the first place. :|

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I'm curious to read if the sync problems with Final Cut had been addressed, or not...

I am coming from a bad experience with Dropbox & Blackmagic Cloud Pod, who are constantly corrupting the proxies contained in the FCP bundle (i cannot relink the proxies, i have to regenerate them every 2 week or so). 

I need to share a FCPX library of 1,4 To (many proxies inside) with 2 other editors, who will not work at the same time, but we need a shared common ground to collaborate. Is this science fiction, or managable ?

Thanks for your answer :) 

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I tested Resilio with two SSD attached to two different laptops, same account. The sync process went well, outside of 2 errors (that seemed not problematic).

But then, when i tried to open the FCP project on the second computer, message that the project was corrupted and 0 out of 10 errors could be resolved. Project unusable. 

So, this is not working. I will not use Resilio and go the old way: manual copy / sync on one computer, with the disk attached.
This is so much 1990; we are 2023 almost, why is it not possible to do remote editing with FCP ? 

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