Resilio Sync Corrupting Final Cut Pro Libraries

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I forgot to exit Resilio Sync today before importing a bunch of videos into Final Cut Pro, and like always, it corrupts the project after the video import. If I manually pause the library it still happens - the only solution is to completely exit the app. Any chance we could get a fix for this?

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Hi Helen. Thanks for your response. Respectfully, can I suggest that "Pause" is not the right word to use if it doesn't stop indexing? To me "Pause" means "to temporarily cease", which should including indexing. A global pause should stop everything.

If I use the IgnoreList, then it will ignore those files permanently, which then breaks the premise of why I use Resilio Sync in the first place. :|

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Hi, I'm also interested to start using Resilio Sync together with Final Cut Pro Libraries (and KeyFlow Pro 2 Libraries).

Still the same problems as described in this thread? Any luck with modifying the FileDelayConfig?

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